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Incentives Management Software

‣ Are you dealing with unhappy sales reps due to incentive compensation errors?
‣ Is your current incentives program difficult to understand and cumbersome to maintain?
‣ Is your company losing money due to calculation errors, overpayments and constant adjustments?
‣ Is your current incentives program struggling with handling various data import formats?

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O'tima is your solution.

From proof-of-concept, customization, to training – the incentives management experts at O’tima® will meet your every demand.

Software Overview and Highlights



Flexible Payment Plans. Create multiple payment schemes, criteria and independent variables for each sales person.


For the entire sales force.


Incentives are calculated using a points system. Special bonuses, adjustments and guaranteed payouts are supported.


Consolidate information from traditional and non-traditional data sources and easily share results and information with other areas of the company.


Historical data management ensures compliant audit trails and delivers performance evaluation information for professional growth plans.

O'tima makes the difference


Reports may be scheduled for individual creation and distribution with the touch of a button. Reports can also be exported to multiple standard formats, such as XLS and PDF, for additional analysis or distribution to other areas in the company.

Data Integration

Data may be imported into O’tima using predefined text or spreadsheets as wells as personalized database to database connections.

Sharing Capabilities

Shared Bricks, Clients and Regions using a proprietary sharing formula or with fixed fractions.

Territory Management

Detailed history is captured including changes in employees, vacant territories, Bricks, Clients and Regions assigned. Realignments may be registered any time prior to implementation. Historical information is maintained and may be viewed on demand.

Products and Market Management

Sets of Products may be created with combinations of presentations being promoted vs. specific competitors’ products with complete independence from data providers updates on the market combinations. Historical market information is used to perform Market Share and Evolution calculations.

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