I have worked with different systems for incentives calculations within the sales effectiveness area. In my experience I found that no other product delivers the level of detail, depth and operational simplicity as O’tima.

Without a doubt, the incentives calculations process is of the utmost importance to any organization seeking to keep their sales force motivated. For me, O’tima has been a crucial part not only due to its flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of the business but also for the advice received both in operation and strategy.

The operational steps required to complete the calculations, in their simplest form, may be carried out by users with very little experience. The accuracy is guaranteed by the internal use of poka-yoke mechanism guiding the user with detailed information as to where the errors are and not allowing proceeding further until the correction is completed. Validation levels are controlled by user profiles from management to operational staff.

Using the different O’tima modules, each company may customize their services depending on the level of calculation complexity required. This includes comparisons from simple arithmetic to qualitative analysis, data standardization of products, customers as well as sales and scorecards to support the more advanced business activities.
O’tima has an answer for all my company’s incentive calculation needs. The culture of growth and improvement presented in each update is remarkable. Aside from the excellent tool, O’tima, provided by Turnkey Pharma Systems, on each interaction with their team, I reaffirm their high performance, capacity for analysis and Customer First approach. The Turnkey Pharma Systems O’tima team is undoubtedly a key element for the business.

Maria Isabel Viramontes
Sanofi México

I have had the distinct pleasure of having worked with Carolina and I can say that O’tima combines research summaries and historical data to give us a comprehensive, insightful and thoughtful system for understanding sales force compensation - fixed amount and bonus to stimulate and reward effort.

Pedro Pablo Espinosa Martinez
Sanofi-Aventis Mexico

O’tima is a well-structured and designed incentive calculation system facilitating the implementation of any kind of incentive plans for your sales teams; you may mix quantitative and qualitative indicators.

It includes everything you need to take you step by step and establish your payment plans in a simple and orderly form. From the load of sales data to the definition of the plan and analysis of payments.

In my opinion there is an extra plus over other programs. The automated reports from national level to territory detail that can be shared with each sales force representative giving clarity and transparency to the payment process. The organized historical payment information managed by O’tima provides the ability for trend analysis leading to incentive plan improvements which helps in keeping the sales force motivated and high performing. A very important plus is the 100% traceability and auditability.

Unises Zavala
Pharmaceutical Industry

In the Andean Region, O’tima has become a fundamental element in managing our incentive calculations tasks. It provided the foundation for a systematic and effective design process for the creation of payment plan calculations for our multiple business units throughout the Andean Region ensuring correct and reliable payments for the dales force.

Paola Martinez
Bayer - Andean Region